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  • We are cosplayers
  • We are Fans
  • We are actors
  • We are artists
  • We are Dreamers
  • We are Making the World a Better Place
  • We are passionate about our communities

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Welcome to Nerder Mysteries

Nerder Mysteries, Inc. is a non profit organization that hosts Nerd, Cosplay, and Geek Themed Murder Mystery and Dinner Shows.

About Nerder Mysteries

We are dedicated to promoting and donating to charities while providing fandom events for our communities. Stay tuned for new fandom shows with new talent, and new charities!Please be patient while we build up our brand new website!

Our Nerder Team

Our team formed in the beginning of 2015 with common goals of charity, entertainment, and above all, to have fun!

Watch Our Most Recent Project

Let Zygons Be Zygons, The Official Convention Game at Gallifrey One Feb 2016

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Nerder Mysteries Presents! Angels Take Avalon August 20th 2016

SHOW NAME: Nerder Mysteries presents: Angels Take Avalon
DATE: August 20th
LOCATION: Whimsic Alley, Los Angeles, CA


Take part in solving this all new Nerder Mystery in the mythical Camelot setting of Avalon Castle! Join your fellow whovian sleuths as you are transported back into the middle ages. Feast inside the dinning hall of Avalon castle, while you travel through space and time with the Doctor. Come dressed in your finest medieval costumes, win fantastic prizes, and donate to LUMOS through our famous Silent Charity Auction.



Anaheim California, USA